Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Sasha Kramer, founder of SOIL.ORG, placed Haitian child sexual abuse victims in grave danger of physical harm.


Sasha Kramer is not credible and is irresponsible in her defense of Doug Perlitz.

Nick Preneta works with Kramer in Haiti. When Preneta was employed by Project Pierre Toussaint, he lived in the same house where Doug Perlitz sexually abused boys.

Preneta watched the boys go in and out of Perlitz's bedroom. He knew that young boys stayed in Perlitz's bedroom all night long.

Preneta did nothing to stop Perlitz.

When Perlitz was fired from Project Pierre Toussaint for sexually abusing the boys, Preneta siagned a letter in which he and eleven others called the victims liars.

For more information:
Paul Kendrick, 207 838 1319

Sasha Kramer, founder of SOIL, supports and defends alleged child abuser of Haitian children.

"In a real sense, Ms. Kramer is saying that the Haitian children who have reported their abuse by Douglas Perlitz are liars," said Paul Kendrick, a long time advocate for those who were abused and founder of the Ignatius Group.

Kendrick added, "For Ms. Kramer to be the least bit credible, child protection advocates want Kramer to tell us just what it is that she knows that four investigative agencies, including U.S. State Department and U.S. Customs investigators don't know about the child sex abuse allegations against Perlitz." 

"It is irresponsible for Ms. Kramer to continue her campaign to exonerate Doug Perlitz until she can produce concrete evidence to support her claims that Perlitz did not sexually abuse children."

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