Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Board of Directors of Hearts with Haiti are full of crap. They have taken no effective steps to protect children at St. Joseph's Homes in Port au Prince. The child abuser must be removed from his duties during the investigation. Michael Geilenfeld is threatening and intimidating witnesses.

Here is a copy of a December 6, 2011 message from the Executive Director of Hearts with Haiti:

From: Geoffrey Hamlyn []
Sent: Tuesday, December 06, 2011 2:27 PM
Subject: Response to Accusations

Dear Friends and Supporters of Hearts with Haiti and the St. Joseph Family,

On November 8th, 2011 the Board of Trustees of Hearts with Haiti voted unanimously to commission an independent and objective investigation of the allegations against Michael Geilenfeld and the St. Joseph Family. 

Hearts with Haiti remains supportive of Michael and of the St. Joseph Family, and believes strongly that the St. Joseph Family homes are safe and positive places for children. 

While this is our belief and our efforts to fund-raise and support the work continue, it is important to us that these charges be answered in a responsible manner.

Yesterday, December 5, 2011, without knowing when the investigation began or the details of its execution, Mr. Davis? communications appeared to disregard his own demand for the very investigation he now challenges as invalid in advance of its conclusion.

The execution of this investigation will remain fully objective and independent.  Therefore, Hearts with Haiti will have no further comment on the matter until the Board has received the report, in which Hearts with Haiti will have no input.
In addition, Hearts with Haiti is aware that the United States government has also been investigating the allegations.  Hearts with Haiti and the St. Joseph Family will continue to cooperate with the authorities of the United States and Haiti.

Mr. Davis's unauthorized use of the same mass distribution list used by the St. Joseph Family to send updates on the outstanding achievements of this ministry is unfortunate and disreputable.

Hearts with Haiti and the St. Joseph Family wish to apologize for compromising your contact information to such individuals.


Geoffrey S. Hamlyn
Executive Director
Hearts with Haiti
Rev. Patrick S. Hamrick
Chair, Board of Trustees
Hearts with Haiti

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