Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Hearts with Haiti is a North Carolina based non-profit group that provides funding to Michael Geilenfeld in Haiti. The HTW Board of Directors have done eveything in their power to defend a child molester


December 8, 2011

Geoffrey Hamlyn
Executive Director
Hearts with Haiti

27 Horne Street

Raleigh , NC 27607

Dear Mr. Hamlyn,

Fully Independent and Objective Investigation?

Two days ago you made the following announcement: On November 6, 2011, the Board of Trustees of Hearts with Haiti voted unanimously to commission an independent and objective investigation of the allegations against Michael Geilenfeld and the St. Joseph Family├ó€¦the execution of this investigation will remain fully objective and independent.

Yet, in the same letter you say, Hearts with Haiti remains supportive of Michael (Geilenfeld) and of the St. Joseph Family, and believes strongly that that the St. Joseph Family Homes are safe and positive places for children.

Do you hear yourself? You’ve issued the verdict before an official investigation by law enforcement professionals has concluded.

In a separate letter, Pastor Rick Barger, Founder and Executive Director of the Haitian Timoun Foundation, makes a different point: “We believe that even the slightest allegation of abuse should be reported to the proper governmental agency or their designated agent for investigation. We hold less faith in non-governmental investigations as such processes are often subject to detractors because of the current investigation, we have suspended fundraising efforts for them pending a clean exoneration of all charges.”

The Voices of the Victims of Child Sexual Abuse Will be Heard

Like you, Rev. Barger maintains his support for Mr. Geilenfeld: “We have long been aware of the 20 year accusations against Michael Geilenfeld. We are also aware that there has not been one investigation that failed to clear him of all charges.”

I am not entirely sure what Rev. Barger means by 20 year accusations (I think he means twenty year-old accusations), but to clear matters up, the allegations of child sexual abuse being brought against Mr. Geilenfeld span a period from 28 years ago to the near present.

(N.B. One wonders how many child sex abuse allegations, no matter how long ago the abuse is alleged to have occurred, an individual can have on his or her resume before the Hearts with Haiti trustees disqualify such a person from having access to children at your orphanages in Haiti.)

Sadly, Mr. Hamyln, neither you nor Rev. Barger make any mention of the courageous individuals who have put aside their own desire for privacy to testify that they were raped and sodomized by Mr. Geilenfeld when they were children.

Protection and Safety of Abuse Victims and Witnesses

Before I continue, I want to make it very clear to you that you and your fellow HWH board members are to be held responsible and accountable for the safety and well being of the abuse victims, witnesses, supporters and others who have information about crimes being committed against children by Michael Geilenfeld.

As trustees, you are mandated to oversee the care and well being of the children at the St. Joseph Homes. Therefore, you must immediately suspend Mr. Geilenfeld from his duties in Haiti and return him to the United States until such time as law enforcement authorities have completed their investigation. In addition, you must ensure that Geilenfeld is not able to threaten or intimidate victims and witnesses, as he has done over and over again in the past.

Kangaroo Court

I have already likened your fully objective and independent investigation to a Kangaroo Court.

Here’s what you must do:

1) Call the police with your suspicions. Contact ICE - Homeland Security Investigations, the Haitian National Police, United Nations Police and the Haitian Child Welfare office.

2) Remove Mr. Geilenfeld, a U.S. citizen, from Haiti until the investigation is completed. Ensure that Geilenfeld has no further contact with potential witnesses and/or victims. Make a public announcement to this effect.

3) Get out of the way of law enforcement professionals. Forensic investigators are specially trained to investigate child abuse and to interview child sexual abuse victims.

Paul Kendrick
Freeport, Maine
207 838 1319 (cell)

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