Monday, January 14, 2013

Indiana tax attorney is put in charge of possible child sex abuse investigation at Pwoje Espwa



In May 2011, child protection advocates demanded an immediate investigation of a Pwoje Espwa staff member's alleged inappropriate conduct with a naked 11 year Haitian boy.

Instead of contacting law enforcement officials to investigate possible child abuse, Pwoje Espwa/Free the Kids' board members brought in one of their own, an Indiana tax attorney by the name of Nelson Vogel, Jr.

According to Mr. Vogel's biography, he is neither a licensed clinical social worker, a child psychologist, nor a trained forensic investigator.

Mr. Vogel is not culturally competent and does not speak Haitian Creole.

Mr. Vogel is neither skilled nor proficient in interviewing children who may be victims of a crime.

According to Jim Cavnar, President of Cross International (a financial sponsor of Pwoje Espwa), "an attorney investigated the sexual abuse charges and issued a report saying nothing happened to the boy."

Pwoje Espwa officials refuse to make public the report and identify Mr. Vogel as the person who conducted the investigation.

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